Before sending an email, please be sure to read through this page, the FAQ page, and the TERMS and CONDITIONS page for pretty much every answer I am able to give. If you still don't see your answer, then by all means email me!


  • Please submit any inquery directly to The email address is for payments only. All inquiries sent there will be ignored. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • If you are inquiring as to a status of your order, please check your order date. All orders are at 8 weeks minimum standard production and subject to the provisions laid out on the Terms and Conditions page. If it is within this time, please be assured that your item is being worked on in the order in which is was received. I will do everything in my power to keep it as close to the 8 weeks as possible, but if it is beyond that time frame, you have every right to ask for an update on your order and I will be happy to provide one.
  • Please make sure you are a friend of TMA on Facebook and that you "like" the fan page, TMA. Because of the amount of customers, these social media outlets are the best souce for all updates and important information concerning new products, production, and delays.
  • When submitting a friend request - PLEASE be sure to message me as well to make sure I know who you are. I have had to stop accepting random requests because of the content of some pages turing out to be spam links.
  • If you do email for an update,


    That number is no good for tracking on my end. As it indicates, it is a "unique" number specifically generated for you and you alone should you have a need to track your purchase through PayPal. TMA receives a completely different transaction number. PLEASE ONLY give your name, email address, and date of purchase for tracking your order.
  • If you contact me through Facebook (either page), PLEASE provide the above information if your Facebook profile has a different name.
  • At WNE/TMA, I pride myself on good communication with customers to help in every way possible. If you have any questions or concerns (other than for the reasons listed above), please do not hesitate to contact me. I do my best to answer questions relatively quickly, but sometimes it can take a few days - especially over the weekend, during holidays, if I am working on orders, or if I am out of the office on business. But rest assured, regular time for responses is 24-48 hours.

Please submit your query directly to

Again, the email address is for payments only. All inquiries sent there will be ignored. Sorry for any inconvenience.