September notes -

Here's a few items on the agenda for September:

SEPTEMBER 1, 2019: An audit is done yearly to ensure fair pricing and quality for each customer WNE/TMA serves. While we strive to always keep prices comparative and low for those on a budget, sometimes these costs can be affected based on external factors - raw materials, packaging materials, shipping rates, etc. So while the shipping and handling costs for USA and territory customers are still included in the price seen, those who frequent this site will notice a rise in all prices to reflect an increase in overhead. This is something I had hoped to avoid, but it cannot be avoided any longer, and I apologize for any inconvenience.

All international customers, please EMAIL ME for an invoice that includes shipping as follows:

  • Individual armor pieces - $10 each
  • Helmets - $30
  • Full Armor Kits - $50
  • Helmet and armor together - $60


    As of July 1, 2019, I am no longer providing visors with the helmets.

    As of July 29, 2019, some items have been permanently retired.

  • Ramikadyc armor and helmet
  • Neo Crusader armor
  • TK hands
  • Starkiller parts and pieces

  • Does this mean I'll "never" produce them again? Yes and no. Yes because they won't be available for regular purchase, but no because I'm not getting rid of the molds. The simple fact is that these items don't sell enough to justify upkeep on the molds, so no more time can be dedicated to doing so. However, if in the future, someone does make a special request for a set, they will be treated as "commissioned items" and subject to additional costs to make any repairs needed to bring the molds to workable status. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, however, I simply cannot justify having these molds take up space in my workshop if they aren't being requested.

    The following parts / services have been discontinued indefinitely.

  • Starter Kits

  • All parts and pieces for these sets are still available in the STORE, but these options are no longer available.

  • Sabine Wren helmet, armor, and sprayer kit
  • Fem2, Fem3, and Rebels Male Chest plates, Rebels Male back plate
  • Rebels Male helmets
  • Rebels Bo Katan chest, cod, and helmet options

  • As with the parts mentioned above, these parts have seen a recent slump in interest, or no interest at all, to the point that it is not justifiable to upkeep or modify the molds. My apologies for any inconvenience.


  • Changes are happening around the shop, and as such, these services are no longer available. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    If you ordered a product or service that is no longer available, please be assured that you will receive it as promissed.

    Tutorials Page!

    If you have purchased one of the TMA kits (gauntlets, knees, thighs, etc.), be sure to check out the TUTORIAL page to see the tutorial on how to put your kit together!