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The above pictures are of the Death Watch Male (left) and Classic Male Mando (right) parts you get in your kits. PLEASE NOTE: Some parts have been upgraded since these pictures were taken. Please see the STORE PAGE for the pictures of those updated parts.

Mandalorian armor - $400USD - $670USD

DWMA - Death Watch MALE basic armor only - $400USD
DWFA - Death Watch FEMALE (Night Owl) basic armor only - $400USD
Add gauntlet toppers of your choice (DW GAUNTLETS ONLY!) - $20-$50USD
Get the Season 4/5 variant "rocket"hand plates for $50USD
Add a Death Watch (Male) or Night Owl (Female) helmet for $150USD

CLMA - Classic MALE basic armor only - $400USD
CLFA - Classic FEMALE basic armor only - $400USD
Add a Classic helmet for $150USD

LADIES: please choose the Fem1 or Fem4 chest style for the Classic kit. Night Owl is default for Death Watch.

Helmet Selection

As mentioned above, helmets for the combos will be Classic for the Classic kits and either DW or NiO, depending on the gender selected, for the Death Watch kits.When When ordering a Mix&Match, be sure to EMAIL ME with your parts and helmet selections.

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