Let's be honest...does anyone ever really read through a long list of terms and conditions?

Frankly...no they dont. So I'll make this easy with three fairly simple rules...


    Yes, this used to be a business, but that has changed and I do this for fun now. As such, I only make these items in my spare time outside of my regular day job and family time. If I decide to make something and have it on hand, a PayPal button with the quantity available will be placed on the STORE page next to the item. If an item is available for purchase, you could potentially get it within a week. If there is no PayPal button or you get an "out of stock" message, that item is not available. Simple as that. If you REALLY want something that you see here and it's not in stock, EMAIL ME and we can discuss a time frame and payment arrangement.


    If you buy something from me, you will get it. If you think you might change your mind, DON'T SEND ME MONEY! I use your money to repay the purchase of raw materials to make what I offer. If you change your mind and want your money back, I can't get it back from the vendors of the raw material, so I'd be out whatever you gave me because you had a change of heart. No offense intended, but be sure...REALLY sure...that you want what you're paying me to send you. If you do change your mind and don't want it after you get it, that's fine. You can resell it.


    One of the reasons not listed in the statement on the HOMEPAGE as to why this has once again become nothing more than a hobby was because, quite frankly, I got tired of some customers praising me for my work in email and on my Facebook pages, then turning around and putting me on blast on social media platforms that allowed certain individuals with unreasonable, unfounded, and unwaranted vendettas against me to also put me on blast. For what? A simple mistake that could have been solved by an email and free replacement? We're all human and prone to mistakes...but these people, and they know who they are, made this hobby damn near impossible to enjoy because of their holier than thou attitudes and superiority complexes. One such individual was banned from the costume group I belong to for just such actions, and like any cult leader, his loyal followers did as he commanded and constantly picked apart every little flaw or honest mistake they could find. All things that could have been solved by a simple email.

    Am I salty about this? Um...yeah, pretty much. Some people have no business being in any fandom because they take it too far, develope a God-complex, and make everyone that doesn't follow suit with their gospels feel like crap. These newbies get some kind of perverse pleasure out of sucking the joy out of a fandom I've been a part of since their parents were in diapers... So, as I said, if you buy something from me, GREAT! I'd love to do business with you. But if you have any issues, email me first so we can talk like two mature adults and rectify whatever is wrong. Thanks!

So, yeah, that's basically it.