Ladies and gentlemen, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the operation of TMA as a regular full time costuming business has come to an end. There were a lot of factors that led to this decision and there are too many to list, but all of them played a part in this, so mentioning one without all the others wouldn't do justice. In short, I have been trying to keep TMA going on "life support" for about the past 6 months hoping things would turn around, but the time has come to "pull the plug" and make a full transition out of this as a business.

I started TMA in late 2008 as a hobby for myself in order to make parts and pieces that either weren't available, were out of my price range, or just to see if I could do it. As with all things, it was a rocky start basically teaching myself everything I could learn about making costumes from scratch. But I learned more about my craft as the years passed, gradually improving my skills, and making more and better products. In early 2010 when the 2nd season episode of Clone Wars "The Mandalore Plot" was released and we finally had more Mandalorians in Canon, I wanted to make my own gauntlets from that show and studied up on vacforming and mold making to do so. Not long after doing this, I had what essentially was my first customer order enough of just this part that it made me consider doing this as more than just a hobby. One thing led to another, and pretty soon I had people from all over the globe contacting me about making stuff for them. My work exploded in late 2013 when I made the investment and purchased Death Watch and Night Owl helmet molds from another much so that I took an extended leave of absence from my "regular" job as a maintenance man for my church in early 2015, officially registered White Noise Entertainment (the parent company) as a legal business in the state of Florida, and started doing this full time.

So what began as a small hobby using my kitchen oven and a shop vac quickly turned into converting my garage into an office and shop to fill a world-wide need and it became a “job.” This continued with the release of the Rebels series and Sabine Wren. In fact, I was one of the very first to make that particular helmet. Through connections with the MMCC, it gained the attention of the two main actresses from the show and I wound up giving them each one of their own helmets (painted by Michael Davis) for their collections. In particular, Dave Filoni (the creator of the series) and Tia Sircar (the voice of Sabine Wren) each received an updated version with the latest paint job (courtesy of Darth Cleavage in Georgia) at Celebration Orlando in 2017, and I got to hand it to each of them personally. These, and being recognized as one of the original "trusted vendors" for the Mandalorian Mercs, were a few of my proudest moments as a builder...

Sadly though, around the beginning of 2019, I started feeling the negative physical effects (tendonitis, arthritis) in my hands and arms from constant use to create the molds, pull the plastic, rotocasting, trimming, and such. I noticed that this was starting to affect my ability to keep up with the massive amount of work headed my way. Some products unfortunately began to suffer in their quality because of this, and I wasn't able to keep up with the demand and have time to make necessary repairs and replacements. That's why during the summer of 2019 I discontinued some items to pare down to a more manageable stock...but even this became too much. Not only this, but in late August/early September, my area was hit by Hurricane Dorian. Thankfully, there was no more than a few gusts of wind, but the prep time, financial strain to prepare for the unknown, and the amount of time and effort to recover set me back too far for my comfort.

One other technobabble situation that happened, that is probably a blessing in disguise, was that I found out in September 2019 that a security certificate for my site (the thing that puts that little padlock and the "S" after "http" in the address bar of your browser) wasn't installed properly and Google was actually penalizing traffic to this site as a result - throwing up a "this site is unsecured" warning to potential customers and visitors. Whether this affected my sales, I can't prove, but it is a marked coincidence in timing. And to add insult to injury, this decrease in sales further complicated my efforts to keep up with production deadlines, as every sale received had to go to personal expenses to keep the shop open and my family fed.

So, to sum up - I am now working outside my home more hours of the day to support my family, and the time has come to return to the hobby status I once had and do this in my spare time only. I’m not getting rid of my molds, I am not selling any of my equipment, and the TMA brand is not for sale. Any items offered for sale from this point on will only be if the items are sitting on my shelf ready to be shipped. As such, when visiting the STORE page, if you don't see a PayPal button, I don't have it in stock and it is not currently available. If you DO see a PayPal button, then it is in stock ready to be shipped - with the caveat that if the item has sold/sells out, you will be notified by PayPal when you try to purchase. If you are international, yes you too can use the PayPal buttons here, but remember there will be an additional shipping fee that must be paid before the item ships. That fee will be based on the size and weight of the package and the delivery address and an invoice for that fee will be sent shortly after your purchase is made.

I do ask your indulgence as I make this transition to the new job and away from this as a full time gig.

OUTSTANDING CUSTOMERS ONLY: If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me and we’ll talk. However with this new job it may take me a while to reply. And also please do remember that all sales are final, you WILL MOST DEFINITELY get what you paid for, and I will not be able to give refunds.

(EDIT NOV 15, 2019) that I had hoped to get done and shipped no later than the end of November 2019. However, the new job I have is at a church and we are in holiday mode at the moment, so unfortunately, this time has been delayed. I will work on everything as I have time and material and get it all out to you as soon as I'm able. I apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding. (END OF EDIT)

Thank you for your years of patronage. Oya Manda!