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The hard plastic armor offered by TMA are vac-formed from .125 HIPS (unless otherwise noted) or rotocast resin. Everything will be shipped with 99% of the trimming and flashing cut off. Some minimal final trimming and/or sanding will be required of the customer. Some examples shown below are constructed to show you what they will look like when finished.

Please see the Terms and Conditions pages for details on shipping (transit times and charges if applicable).


If you experience any problems with ordering on this page, please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME and I will get things sorted for you!

All international orders, before you purchase, please Contact me first for a shipping quote. The Mandalorian Arsenal/White Noise Entertainment, Inc. is not responsible for any issues that arrise with customs, tarrifs, or postal regulations outside the United States. The customer is responsible for all shipping import taxes duties, fees or charges that may arise. If you are unfamiliar with these charges (if any), please speak to your local postal or customs office for more information prior to purchasing. If these fees are refused at the time of delivery, your order including shipping costs will not be refunded.


Please Choose
Fem Chest Options
Please Choose
Fem Chest Options

PLEASE NOTE: The measurements provided are for proper gaps and spacing when on the upper torso. Please use these measurements to ensure proper fit and sizing.

For the HEIGHT: The "center" height is from the bottom of the belly plate to the top of the center of the collar at the neck. The "cups" height is from the bottom of the belly, across the fullest part of the cups, to the top of the collar plate at the shoulders.

For the WIDTH: The "cups" is across the fullest part of the chest cups. The "belly" is the width of the belly plate at its widest point.

HEIGHT - 15.5" center, 17.5" cups
WIDTH - 14" cups, 9.5" belly

HEIGHT - 13" center, 15.5" cups
WIDTH - 14" cups, 9" belly

HEIGHT - 14" center, 17" cups
WIDTH - 16" cups, 10" belly

HEIGHT - 15" center, 17" cups
WIDTH - 16" cups, 10" belly
Small Night Owl

HEIGHT - 14" center, 15" cups
WIDTH - 13" cups, 9" belly
Large Night Owl

HEIGHT - 16" center, 18" cups
WIDTH - 15" cups, 10.5" belly
Rebels Fem Chest
Measurements coming!
Male Death Watch

With proper spacing, this measures 13 1/2" wide by 15" tall (top of collar)
Rebels Male Mando Chest
Measurements coming!
Male Classic Mando - (Upgraded 7/27/18)

The collar piece has been updated to fit with the updated back plate.
Measurements coming!
SPECIAL NOTE - I sometimes get emails claiming the center diamond is "missing" from the order. This piece, because it is small and easily misplaced, is ALWAYS taped to the inside of one of the main chest plates (cups). If somehow this part comes loose, it will most likely be stuck to the bubble wrap used for shipping. BEFORE SENDING AN EMAIL ASKING ABOUT THIS - Please double check ALL bubble wrap for this part. If after checking, double checking, and rechecking, if this piece is truly gone, please email me to discuss a replacement. Thank you.

Death Watch Back

Classic Mando (Upgraded 7/27/18)

Here is a sample showing how the new Classic chest fits with the Classic back upgrade.


Please choose
Please choose

SPECIAL NOTE - The Classic Back Plate is specifically sized and formed to fit the Classic Male chest, and the Death Watch back is specifically sized to fit the Death Watch Male chest. Work has begun to upgrade the Fem chest plates to allow them to match with either the Classic or DW, and those upgrades will be posted when they are available.
Death Watch
Classic Mando - $25

Sabine Wren $30
Sabine shoulders

set of 2

DW or Classic .........................$20USD

Please choose
Please choose

Length - 8"
Circumference @ wrist - up to 11"
Circumference @ elbow - up to 15"


Please CLICK HERE for the Assembly service and details.


Clone Wars Death Watch Gauntlets
8 piece basic kit........................$45USD
Includes: Upper and lower half left and right, inner latching pieces

10 piece deluxe kit.....................$70USD
Get your choice of any 2 toppers shown below with your Death Watch gauntlets.

Classic Mando Gauntlet kit
8-piece kit..............................$70USD
Includes resin parts - top and side boxes for right and rocket for left. NOZZLES, and HOSES NOT INCLUDED.

Buyer is responsible for construction of these kits to ensure proper fit.

Please choose
DELUXE DW ONLY- Pick 2 toppers
Please choose
DELUXE DW ONLY- Pick 2 toppers

These are all the toppers and options currently available from TMA.

Get any 2 toppers for $20USD! Please CONTACT ME to let me know which 2 you want.

  • #1 AND #2 (comes with resin cast copies of 3D printed parts. These are free with the purchase and it is up to the customer to finish these parts as desired.)
  • Sabine Wren style #3 AND #4 (opening 8cm x 4.7cm)
  • #5 Season 4/5 "Flamethrower" style

Please CLICK HERE for the Assembly service and details.

Gauntlet Toppers

THESE TOPPERS WILL NOT WORK WITH THE CLASSIC GAUNTLETS! They are designed to only fit the Death Watch gauntlets.

This purchase option for the toppers is ONLY IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A SET FROM TMA OR ETERNAL ARMORY. If you are wanting these with a CURRENT NEW ORDER, please use the "DW w/toppers" option from the drop down menu above in the gauntlets section.

Pick any 2 toppers
Pick any 2 toppers

Please see the TUTORIAL page for instructions on how to put these kits together!

PLEASE NOTE: The #1 and #2 toppers come with resin cast copies of 3D printed parts. These are free with the purchase and it is up to the customer to finish these parts as desired.
DW flat hand plates - $15 (pair)
Sabine hands - $15

DW Season 4/5 variant "Rocket" hand plates - $30


Hand Plates per pair...................$10USD
Season 4/5 DW variant "Rocket" per pair......................................$25USD

Please choose a PAIR
Please choose a PAIR
Male DW
Classic Male Cod

1pc Fem

Night Owl
Rebels-style Bo Katan/Night Owl

Cod Armor

Please choose
Please choose
Classic Mando - $35
Death Watch Kit - $45

And yes...the holsters WILL fit the Westar 35s!
Please CLICK HERE for the Assembly service and details.


Classic Mando Thighs.............................$30USD

Death Watch Thighs (measures 12"x12")
(4pc Kit)......................................................$35USD

Please choose
Please choose
DW Knees - $35
BASIC Classic Knees - $50

Please CLICK HERE for the Assembly service and details.


Death Watch Knees.....................$30USD

Jango Fett-style knees 8pc kit.........$40USD

Please choose
Please choose
DW Shins
DW Shins
Classic Mando Shins
Classic Shins


Please Choose
Please Choose
DW boot covers - $20

Classic boot covers - $20

Boot covers
$15USD per pair

Please choose a PAIR
Please choose a PAIR


Unassembled kit - $40

Please CLICK HERE for the Assembly service and details.

Kit - includes 9 pieces total....$30USD
RAW - $75

Pistol from Battlefront
Solid cast resin copy from a 3D print
Weight 2lbs

Domestic US/APO....................$60USD

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - Please contact me for a shipping quote
Droid Restraining Bolt................$15USD

Thank you for doing business with TMA!