All helmets are $150USD to the USA and territories.
International: please EMAIL for a shipping quote and invoice.

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Get a full set of armor at one time and save!


Full armor kits include:
  • chest - 5 pcs
  • back - 1 pc
  • shoulders - 2 pcs
  • gauntlets - 6pcs (DW) or 8 pce (Classic)
  • cod - 1pc (DW male and Classic male and female) or 3pcs (NiO female)
  • thighs - 2pcs (Classic) or 4pcs (DW)
  • knees - 2pcs (DW) or 6pcs (Classic)
  • shins - 2pcs
  • boots - 2pcs

  • Other parts and pieces to accent your kit (DW gauntlet toppers and hands) can be found below.

    DWMA - Death Watch MALE basic armor only - DW male chest and Cod
    DWFA - Death Watch FEMALE (Night Owl) basic armor only - Night Owl chest and 3pc cod
    CLMA - Classic MALE basic armor only - Classic male chest and cod
    CLFA - Classic FEMALE basic armor only - Fem1 or Fem4 chest, 1pc Fem cod

    LADIES: please choose the Fem1 or Fem4 chest style for the Classic kit. Night Owl is default for Death Watch.

    Armor Kits
    LADIES ONLY - Select chest


    Chest Armor - $60USD

    Chest Armor

    PLEASE NOTE: The measurements provided are for proper gaps and spacing when on the upper torso. Please use these measurements to ensure proper fit and sizing.

    For the HEIGHT: The "center" height is from the bottom of the belly plate to the top of the center of the collar at the neck. The "cups" height is from the bottom of the belly, across the fullest part of the cups, to the top of the collar plate at the shoulders.

    For the WIDTH: The "cups" is across the fullest part of the chest cups. The "belly" is the width of the belly plate at its widest point.

    SPECIAL NOTE - I sometimes get emails claiming the center diamond is "missing" from the order. This piece, because it is small and easily misplaced, is ALWAYS taped to the inside of one of the main chest plates (cups). If somehow this part comes loose, it will most likely be stuck to the bubble wrap used for shipping. BEFORE SENDING AN EMAIL ASKING ABOUT THIS - Please double check ALL bubble wrap for this part. If after checking, double checking, and rechecking, if this piece is truly gone, please email me to discuss a replacement. Thank you.

    Back Plates - $50USD

    Back Plate

    SPECIAL NOTE - The Classic Back Plate is specifically sized and formed to fit the Classic Male chest, and the Death Watch back is specifically sized to fit the Death Watch Male chest. Work has begun to upgrade the Fem chest plates to allow them to match with either the Classic or DW, and those upgrades will be posted when they are available.

    Shoulders - $35USD per pair


    Gauntlets - $60-$90USD


    Hand Plates- $25-$50USD per pair

    Hands - per pair

    Cod Plates - $40USD

    Cod Plate

    Thighs - $40-$60USD


    Knees - $35-$60USD


    Shins - $40USD


    Boot Plates - $35USD

    Boot plates


    Helmets made by TMA, unless otherwise noted, are hand-crafted. As such, even with careful attention to detail, some minor assymetry is to be expected.

    Helmet kits come as listed with associated ears and RF stalk (if applicable). Classic helmet upper right ear parts include magnets. The production base ring is removed and bottom edge sanded prior to shipping, but it is the customer's responsibility to finish any and all trimming, sanding, and installation of associated parts or to procure any other items needed for their helmet.

    As of July 1, 2019, I no longer provide visors with the helmet kits (one will be provided for assembled helmets). The visors I have used and recommend can be found here: https://www.homelectrical.com/9-x-15-12-dark-green-unbound-visor.anc-3442udg.1.html and at last check, they are $3.80USD plus shipping to your location if you would like to get one from there.

    If you would like a colored miror visor for your helmet, be sure to check out Kalevala Visors on Facebook!


    Helmets come as shown. It is the customer's responsibility to do any final trim, assembly, sanding, and painting of the helmets as desired as well as installtion of the visor and RF stalk.

    PLEASE NOTE - Due to the nature of the casting process, some minor inconsistencies can and may occur. These include, but are not limited to, thick and/or thin spots, small bubbles, minor imperfections in the inner layer of the cast, and variations in the thickness of the casting. Even in a climate-controlled shop, a wide range of temperature and humidity variables can make a difference from casting to casting. Some minor inconsistencies that affect the EXTERIOR APPEARANCE (such as 2-part mold seams) may not be corrected prior to shipping and are usually eliminated during the trim, sanding, assembly, and painting process. This is not, however, a guarantee that every minor inconsistency will be corrected and some may still exist when you receive the helmet. Helmets with major defects will not be shipped. If a helmet with more than minor inconsistencies is received, please CONTACT ME to discuss exchange options.

    Thank you for doing business with TMA!