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Chest Armor - $60USD

Chest Armor

PLEASE NOTE: The measurements provided are for proper gaps and spacing when on the upper torso. Please use these measurements to ensure proper fit and sizing.

For the HEIGHT: The "center" height is from the bottom of the belly plate to the top of the center of the collar at the neck. The "cups" height is from the bottom of the belly, across the fullest part of the cups, to the top of the collar plate at the shoulders.

For the WIDTH: The "cups" is across the fullest part of the chest cups. The "belly" is the width of the belly plate at its widest point.

SPECIAL NOTE - I sometimes get emails claiming the center diamond is "missing" from the order. This piece, because it is small and easily misplaced, is ALWAYS taped to the inside of one of the main chest plates (cups). If somehow this part comes loose, it will most likely be stuck to the bubble wrap used for shipping. BEFORE SENDING AN EMAIL ASKING ABOUT THIS - Please double check ALL bubble wrap for this part. If after checking, double checking, and rechecking, if this piece is truly gone, please email me to discuss a replacement. Thank you.

Back Plates - $50USD

(DW Back & Collar pic coming!)

Back Plate

SPECIAL NOTE - The Classic Back Plate is specifically sized and formed to fit the Classic Male chest, and the Death Watch back is specifically sized to fit the Death Watch Male chest. Work has begun to upgrade the Fem chest plates to allow them to match with either the Classic or DW, and those upgrades will be posted when they are available.

Shoulders - $35USD per pair


Gauntlets - $60-$90USD

DW ONLY: Select toppers
Assembly Services

Hand Plates- $25-$50USD per pair

Hands - per pair

Cod Plates - $40USD

Cod Plate


Introducing the new Classic Kidney Plate in CUSTOM SIZES! The Classic Cod measures 13" from side to side and the kidney plate is designed to attach to it. Made from 6mm Sintra (Closed-Cell PVC Foam Board), this piece is cut to size for each customer and features a 2-3" overhang on each side to attach to the cod.

SPECIAL NOTE 1: The cod is HIPs and will be shaped to fit with the Kidney when ordered as a set.
SPECIAL NOTE 2: Each kidney plate - ordered separately or with the Cod, is made by hand and will come cut and trimmed as shown. For both sepatate and combo orders, your waist measurement is required to complete the kidney piece. It will come with approximately a 10" diameter curvature and will be a total length assuming the 13" TMA Classic Cod will be used with it. For example:
  • waist measurement 32" = 24" kidney (32" waist - 13" Classic Cod + 5" combined overhang for attachment)
  • waist measurement 50" = 42" kidney
  • Please Choose
    Waist Measurement

    Thighs - $40-$60USD

    Assembly Services

    Knees - $35-$60USD

    Assembly Services

    Shins - $40USD


    Boot Plates - $35USD

    Boot plates

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