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Here is a sampling of work that customers have done to TMA products to bring them to their final stages of cosplay.



Modified DW Gauntlets
Jordan B.
Photo used with permission

Kranak Clan - Singapore
White - Ciryc Rage'on - Richard - all parts TMA.
Black - Sil Stribough - William - all parts TMA.
Green - Rick Runi'Kal - Rickyang - all parts TMA
Purple - Breck Stribough - Conrad - body armor parts TMA (bucket from another maker)
Photo used with permission

Debora F. JMU Custom paint scheme
photo used with permission


Bo Katan from Rebels

Jauri Turr'n customized Death Watch

Ramikadyc model


Mortal Kombat - Smoke

Jason Hitt

Alan Molina as Starkiller
Approved by the Rebel Legion and the 501st
Photo Credit: Nick Phillips

For my son's current Mando costume, an associate created these holsters for me:

These are hand-stitched leather holsters made to fit the Westar 35
(originally made by Eternal Armory)
If you are interested in purchasing a set of these for your kit, or for general questions about custom leather works, please contact JAY TORTORICI on Facebook.
Tell him David from TMA sent you.

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