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Here is a sampling of work that customers have done to TMA products to bring them to their final stages of cosplay.


Anne Usher - helmet
UKG approval
Photo Credit: Ian Wilkinson

Angie Hanai - helmet, gauntlets
Photo Credit: Jeff Cox

Georgia Cooper - Helmet
3rd Approved Sabine in the US - Great Lakes Base
Photo Credit: Shawn M Scott Photography

Tiya Sircar and Vanessa Marshall
Presented with helmets and sprayers at
San Diego ComicCon 2014

Tiya Sircar receiving her S3 painted Sabine at Celebration Orlando April 16, 2017
Paint by Darth Cleavage

Dave Filoni presented with his S3 painted Sabine at Celebration Orlando
Mercs Bash April 14, 2017
Paint by Darth Cleavage

Sal Perales
California, USA

Aliya Kaye Buist
Utah, USA
(Shins were created by customer, not TMA)

Aliya Kaye Buist
Utah, USA

Natalie R. - Florida
Winner - Celebration Orlando "Under 13" costume contest
Photo by TMA
Permission for use granted by Joseph R.


Kebii'tra Verda
267th "Remo's Raiders" Brigade Pilot - MMCC
Photo Credit: TMA

Kritika Dha'Werda
Outer Rim Brigade-MMCC
NiO helmet (modified), Fem2 chest, DW knees
Photo credit: Karl Dha'Werda/B. Buchmiller

Derick Mason - MMCC

Lem'zig Dee - MMCC
Custom Starkiller Gauntlets

Rich Lahm - MMCC
Customized Season 4 DW gaunts

John Thunder

Tom Crosbie
Painted by TMA

Steven Harris Jr.

Victor Nguyen (armor, not helmet) & Rachel Garcia
Celebration Orlando April 2017
Photo by TMA

Season 2 Pre Vizsla
Photo: Brooks Bunde

Clone Wars Season 2 Death Watch Grunt
Photo: TMA
Painted by: TMA

Bo Katan Kryze - Rebels Season 4
Photo: TMA
Painted by: TMA

Photo: TMA
Painted by: TMA

Jauri Turr'n - MMCC Verdika
Photo: TMA
Painted by: TMA

Corinne F. - MMCC Brigade member
Photo: Chief Geek Photography
Photo used with permission


Mortal Kombat - Smoke
Jason Hitt


AlanMolina as Starkiller
Alan Molina as Starkiller
Approved by the Rebel Legion and the 501st Starkiller
Photo Credit: Nick Phillips

For my personal future Mando costume, an associate created these holsters for me:
These are hand-stitched leather holsters made to fit the Westar 35
(purchased from Eternal Armory)
If you are interested in purchasing a set of these for your kit, or for general questions about custom leather works, please contact JAY TORTORICI on Facebook.
Tell him David from TMA sent you.

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