Frequently Asked Questions

Please peruse this list of frequently asked questions below to see if there is already an answer to your query. If you don't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me!



1) What is your current wait time/How long will it take for my order to be ready?

All processing times are 8 weeks minimum. Steps are being taken to reduce this and when/if it happens, that will be noted here, on the Terms and Conditions page, and on the Blog page.

As stated on the Terms and Conditions page, during certain times of the year, production times can increase without warning for any number of reasons. This happened at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018 with the influx of orders from the Christmas and New Years holidays from a BOGO sale. Sadly, this resulted in a delay in production that has unfortunately trickled down further than I had hoped. I am currently working about 2-4 weeks behind on individual armor and helmet orders and about 3-5 weeks behind schedule for full combos. I am working to bring this down as quickly as I can, as well as working on a way to bring all future orders down to a more manageable timeframe. Thank you for your patience.

2) Can you give me an update on my order?

A: As stated elsewhere on this site, when an order is placed, PayPal sends an email to the payment address with the customer's name, address, email address, and order information. This info is entered into the queue for processing and a confirmation email is returned within 24-48 hours (or by Monday morning EST, whichever is the latter) to the email associated with the PayPal order. If you do not see your confirmation within a few days, please double check your spam folder for an email from 9 out of 10 times due to links I put in that message that lead you back here to this website, that is where this message ends up. On occasion, though, the confirmation email I send is returend to me as undeliverable. When this happens, it is the customer's responsibility to contact TMA with a valid email address or to set their filters to receive emails from both the payment address and the coorespondence email address.

All processing times for all items is 8 week minimum standard. With the ease of social media, I try to post regular updates on my Facebook Page and usually a once a month update on the blog page of this site if there are going to be any delays.

Also, before requesting an update, please take a moment to look for the confirmation email/message you were sent when you placed your order. Please remember that processing is a minimum 8 week standard, meaning if you order at the end of February, your order will not be processed until around the first of May - which does look like 3 months...but rest assured, your orders will be worked on as they come in to be fair to all customers. Also, sometimes production times can be less, depending on the piece. If an order is as simple as a single armor piece, there is a possibility that it can arrive sooner - but again, this is not a guarantee. Please be aware of this when placing your order. If it is still within that time, rest assured, I am working on it and will let you know when it is ready to ship. If it has been more than a week after the estimated time and you have not heard from me or received a shipping notice, then please do email me for an update.

Please believe me when I say I understand your desire for information because I've been there myself. I still like to purchase parts I want and don't make from other sellers. But please do double check your purchase date and estimate the 8 weeks before asking for an update.

Finally on this subject - the production time is listed as a minimum, but depending on the time of year and con season, this time can increase without warning. When this happens, I will do my very best to advise of any potential delays. Please take a moment to "friend" the FACEBOOK PAGE. This is where mass notifications are sent out. Also, please add "" to your email filters so important messages that come from there can reach you as well.

3) What materials are your products made from?

The vast majority of armor pieces produced from the TMA shop are made from .125 High Impact Polstyrene (majority of armor pieces). On occasion, .060 and .090 HIPs (specific pieces as noted) along with the potential of ABS of various thicknesses (no guarantee as of February 2018), and Rondo (hybrid automotive resin and Bondo (red), Bondo Glass or Hair (green), or Bondo Jelly (also green)) will also be used. Other products that are included with some commission orders can include but are not limited to - nylon web strapping and associated plastic "parachute" buckles, L200 craft foam (varying thicknesses), and acrylic lenses (varying thicknesses and colors). A white hybrid fiberglass resin is used for rotocast helmets and solid cast parts. I do occasionally offer 3D printed parts as well and I use PLA fillament primarily, but will use ABS if requested and paid for.

4) Do you take commissions?

A: Not for the foreseeable future. Please see the Terms & Conditions page for more details.

5) Do you do more than hard armor parts?

Not at the present time. There are several people on the Mandalorian Mercs boards who can take soft-part commissions and several soft part sellers. At the present time, I do not possess the ability to produce soft parts for kits.

6) Will the parts of my costume I buy from you pass the standards for 501st, RL, MMCC, etc.?

A: Because the majority of what I make is basic Mandalorian armor, a lot of my customers are from the Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club. I am classified as a "trusted vendor" and the armor I sell is acceptable for submission there. Final approval by the App Team is up to the finishing skills of the customer. However, while I have sold to members of the other groups, successful submission is up to the customer to follow each group's CRLs. Typically, 501st and RL standards are highly dependant on the paint application and execution of the final fitting. If you do purchase from TMA and you are an approved 501st, RL, or MMCC with your costume, be sure to let me know!

7) What sizes will your armor and helmets fit?

A: All sizes are listed on the respective pages. All armor parts are geared as a "one-size-fits-most," meaning it is designed to fit most customers who are between 5ft to 6ft tall and between US- Medium to 2XL in size. All helmets (except the Mini) should fit up to a 24" crown comfortably wth minimal padding.

For customers who purchase female chest plates, that sizing is listed on the STORE PAGE. These measurements are for what would be considered "proper" placement on your torso.

For larger customers, there is an option called "trauma plating," which is essentially layering a piece of foam under, and larger than, the plates you receive from me. This gives the armor a thicker and larger look that will help eliminate any potential gaps in spacing. If you are going for MMCC membership, please be sure to consult with your local Ruus'alor for specifics on following the CRLs for your kit.

For smaller customers, as mentioned above and on the Terms and Conditions page, the armor plastic is HIPs (High Impact Polystyrene) that can be shaped with a little heat and trimmed with either sharp scissors, a hobby knife, a rotary tool, or a sander. For larger customers, if you have any concerns, please feel free to CONTACT ME and we can discuss options.

8) Why is the RUSH service no longer available?

A: As of May 1, 2018, RUSH service has been suspended indefinitely. This is to allow me to get caught up with all regular orders and to revamp the production system. If things work out as planned, the RUSH will no longer be necessary. Sorry for any inconvenience.

9) No one really reads the Terms and Conditions, so why do you have them?

A: Terms and Conditions apply to all business deals. It is there to protect us both - the buyer and the seller - and is part of the legal contract between the two of us for each and every sale. It specifically lays out what you can expect from me - the seller - and what your rights and responsibilities are as the buyer. TMA's parent company WHITE NOISE ENTERTAINMENT INC is a legal corporation in the State of Florida and is required to have terms and conditions in order to do business. The TandC are not designed to be harmful to the customer, but they are necessary to protect me - the seller - in case of any misunderstandings before, during, or after a sale. Not every customer will seek to take advantage of a seller, but these TandC have saved me several times from those few who have. I'm here to do business, to provide costume parts and props to those who are willing to pay for it. I'm also looking to protect myself and my family from any hardship based on a misunderstanding. That is why virtually everything that can be covered is done so on the Terms and Conditions page. It is a long document, but it is regretable a necessary evil...

10) What happened to the Ram armor?

A: As with all things, they eventually have to come to an end. The molds were at a point of needing upgrading/repair, but lack of interest made that financially unwise. So the decision was made to semi-permanently retire the armor (not the helmet) in favor of focusing attention on new projects. "Semi-permanent" means that the molds are in storage and will not be destroyed, but the armor itself is not available for regular sales for the foreseeable future. Sorry for any inconvenience.

11) What happened to your assembly service and the DELUXE options?

A: Simply put, it was causing too may delays in production, so the decision was made to temporarily suspend that service. If/when it comes back, that will be announced on the BLOG page.

As I said above, if you haven't found an answer to your question, please contact me! I'll do my best to respond within a few days.