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  • If you are inquiring as to a status of your order, please check your order date. Remember all orders are at 8 weeks minimum standard production, subject to the provisions laid out on the Terms and Conditions page. If it is within this time, please be assured that your item is being worked on in the order in which is was received. What this means is that all orders, regardless of size, will be approximately 8 weeks for full production and shipping will be after that time frame. I will do everything in my power to keep it as close to the 8 weeks as possible, but if it is beyond that time frame, you have every right to ask for anupdate on your order and I will be happy to provide one.
  • Please make sure you are a friend of TMA on Facebook and that you "like" the fan pages, TMA and The Mandalorian Arsenal. Because of the amount of customers, these social media outlets are the best souce for all updates and important information concerning new products, production, and delays.
  • If you do email for an update,


    That number is no good for tracking on my end. It is a number generated for you and you alone should you have a need to track your purchase through PayPal. TMA receives a completely different transaction number. PLEASE ONLY give your name, email address, and date of purchase for tracking your order.
  • At TMA, I pride myself on good communication with customers to help in every way possible. If you have any questions or concerns (other than for the reasons listed above), please do not hesitate to contact me. Ie do my best to answer questions relatively quickly, but sometimes it can take a few days - especially over the weekend, during holidays, or if we are out of the office on business. But rest assured, regular time for responses is 24-48 hours.
  • And finally, again please check your order date before inquiring about a status of your order. As stated, all orders are 8 week minimum.


Shipping prices vary from country to country. The cost of shipping to the United States and its territories is covered in the purchase price, and that amount is credited towards international shipping costs. For example, a 4lb. helmet shipping inside the USA can cost up to $20USD and that same helmet fo Australia can cost around $52USD. So as a courtesy, I round that to a $30USD difference and that is all I ask the customer to pay to help offset those costs. (This is for FIRST CLASS POST only. Priority Mail International, Priority Mail Express International, and Global Express Guarantee are higer costs and we can discuss those prices if you would like.)

That said, when emailing an inquiry for shipping, please include your country only, as the site does not ask for specific city, township, or region when estimating a price.

PLEASE NOTE: If a package can go First Class (4lbs or less, 12"x12"x12" package or smaller), this will be the first option suggested. However, this does not include insurance other than what is allowed by the (not full coverage). If you would like full insurance, that can be arranged, howeverfull price for the order will be declared on the postage and you will be responsible for any and all import fees and tariffs.

So to sum up - your shipping quote will be the total amount shown on the site for the size/weight/destination of your package minus the allowance for USA shipping of the same package.


When ordering from TMA, there are sometimes different parts options available - such as with the Mix and Match armor set - where you have your choice of pieces that can be included in your order.

WHEN PLACING AN ORDER - the CL and DW kits below come as listed by default. For the options mentioned, and especially for the Mix and Match, place your order by selecting the armor set or combo you want from the PayPal dropdown menu, then send an email to the address below listing the specific parts you want.
  • CL - Classic Mandalorian armor.
    The MALE sets (CLM) come with all male parts.
    The FEMALE sets (CLF) come standard with the 1-piece cod and your choice of 4 different chest sets. Those sets are described and sized on the STORE PAGE.
    The gauntlets for this armor set are the CLASSIC style and the toppers for the DW WILL NOT WORK with them.
    BOTH SETS AS COMBOS come with the Classic helmet kit.
  • DW - Death Watch Armor
    The MALE sets come with all male parts and the COMBO comes with a Male Death Watch helmet kit.
    The FEMALE sets come with your choice of Night Owl cod style (Clone Wars or Rebels) and your choice of size chest plates (Small or Large). These differences are noted on the STORE PAGE. The COMBO comes with a Night Owl helmet kit.
    BOTH SETS - MALE AND FEMALE come with your choice of TWO (2) of the FIVE (5) toppers shown on the STORE page AND your choice of substituting the FLAT vac-formed hand plates (Season 2) for the RESIN CAST "Rocket Hands" (Season 4/5). IF NO CHOICE IS MADE: By default, toppers 3 and 4 along with the flat hand plates will be sent.
    The parts you can chose for your complete armor set can be found on the ARMOR and STORE pages. You get:
    • 1 Chest set
    • 1 back plate
    • 1 set of 2 shoulder pieces
    • 1 set of gauntlets
    • 1 set of 2 hand plates
    • 1 cod
    • 1 set of 2 thighs
    • 1 set of 2 knees
    • 1 set of 2 shins
    • 1 set of 2 boot plates
    • 1 helmet (with the COMBO)
    Your order cannot be processed and may be delayed if this list is not sent in a timely manner.
  • TMA carries other armor sets as well, including the Sabine (3 options), the Ramikadyc, and the Neo Crusader. These sets include predetermined parts, so you don't have to do anything extra when you place the order for these.

When you place an order with TMA, you will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours (usually 24 with the exception of the weekends and holidays - in which case your confirmation will come by the following Monday morning or relative business day) with the STANDARD TIME FRAME as listed here and elsewhere on this site. If you do not see a confirmation within the 48 hours or by the end of the business day following the weekend or holiday, please do not hesitate to contact me to make sure. Times are subject to change for any number of reasons, but TMA will work very hard to make sure you get your items within the projected time frame.

Please submit your query directly to

The email address is for payments only. All inquiries sent there will be ignored. Sorry for any inconvenience.