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JUNE notes -

Here's a few items on the agenda for June:


The website is going through some changes to make it easier to order from TMA.

A) As you can see, the site has had a "facelift." It has had the darker theme for quite a while, and part of revamping TMA has been changing the pages to "brighten" things up a bit.
B) The PayPal buttons under the Armor Kits and Combos now have a way to select your choice of helmet and to list your Fem parts and DW gauntlet topper choices, so no more worrying about emailing your choices!
C) There's a new option added for armor kits - the "Starter Kits!" As the new section on the Armor Page says, "TMA understands that sometimes a full kit...is too much," so we now offer something to get you going, both with and without a helmet. These are perfect for kids or if you are going for MMCC membership and just not interested in "full coverage."
D) The assembly options have been suspended for the foreseeable future. This includes everything once offered - helmets, DW thighs, Classic knees, etc. The Tutorials page has step by step instructions on how to construct all kits. This was done to help speed up production and get items out quicker. Sorry for any inconvenience and than you for understanding.
E) Beginning June 15th, all items sent will require final trim to remove remaining production "scrap," or flashing. The majority of this will be removed prior to shipping, but some final work will be required of the customer when the items are received. This is being done to speed up the production process.


As of May 6, 2018, I am no longer offering the DELUXE style helmet. This is in the hopes of speeding up the production process. That said:

A) Beginning June 15, 2018, helmet kits purchased from the HELMETS PAGE ONLY will come with an uncut visor sheet for all helmets (Ram and MST are the exception and will come with a pre-cut visor) and magnets and RF bolts for the Classic helmets, but ARE NOT ASSEMBLED. Helmets purchased with the Option 3 combos on the ARMOR PAGE DO NOT come with these extra bits, but the Option 4 Combos do. It is the customer's responsibility to procure the necessary parts for the Option 3 Combo helmets, final trim, and assemble their helmet.
B) ONLY THE CLASSIC AND SABINE HELMETS ARE MADE SPECIFICALLY TO HAVE THE RF MOVE! I have seen customers make the Death Watch and Night Owl helmets RF stalks moveable, but I do not send them out that way. It is up to the customer to make this happen.
D) The visors I use can be found here: https://www.homelectrical.com/9-x-15-12-dark-green-unbound-visor.anc-3442udg.1.html. As of 5/9/2018, they are $3.49USD plus shipping to your location. I offer them free with purchase, but you may request to not get one if you plan on using something different.
E) If you would like a colored miror visor for your helmet, be sure to check out Kalevala Visors on Facebook!


As stated on the Terms and Conditions page, starting June 15, 2018, production times will be 2-4 weeks depending on what is ordered. During certain times of the year, production times can increase without warning for any number of reasons. This happened recently with the influx of orders from the Christmas and New Years holidays from a BOGO sale. It took almost 6 months, but production times have finally been reduced to a more reasonable time frame.


Commissions, RUSH, and Assembly services are suspended for the foreseeable future. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.


As a reminder, shipping to the US, APO, and territories is included in the listed prices on this site. All international orders, due to circumstances and conditions beyond the control of TMA/WNE, international shipping prices have increased. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact me for a shipping quote before purchase. As stated in the Terms and Conditions, if an international order is placed through the site, an invoice for the shipping will be sent and must be paid before the order ships.


Please submit your query directly to themandalorianarsenal@gmail.com. The email address whitenoiseenter@yahoo.com is for payments only. All inquiries sent there will be ignored. Sorry for any inconvenience.


When ordering from TMA, there is an option of "ADD TO CART" to purchase more than one item at a time. This is done through PayPal, so please let me know if you have any issues with ordering.

Tutorials Page!

If you have purchased one of the raw TMA kits (gauntlets, knees, thighs, etc.), be sure to check out the TUTORIAL page to see the tutorial on how to put your kit together!