All Terms and Conditions for sales here on the TMA site apply when not specifically mentioned or amended for this sale. The T&C for the After Christmas BOGO Sale apply to all purchases made between December 26, 2017 and January 6, 2018. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your purchase, please feel free to contact me!

The After Christmas BOGO Sale runs from 12:01amEST December 26, 2017 and has been extended until January 6th, 2018. All purchases made during this time do have some additional Terms and Conditions that apply as follows:


All items here on the TMA site are Buy One Get One (of equal or lesser value) Free! This includes everything on the STORE, ARMOR, and HELMETS pages. All you have to pay is shipping (if applicable).

YES!!! This means buy one helmet and get the second free! Buy one set of armor and get the second FREE! Buy a full combo and GET THE SECOND FREE!

(No, this does not mean you can get one helmet, armor, combo, or store item at half doesn't work like that, so please don't ask...)

The terms "ITEM" and "PIECE" refer to what you get when you click on the "BUY IT NOW" or "ADD TO CART" PayPal buttons. The Death Watch gauntlet set has 8 total pieces to it, but is considered 1 "piece" or "item" for the sake of purchase. A full armor and helmet combo can vary from 30-40 individual parts but is considered 1 "item" or "piece."

FOR THIS SALE: The BOGO item DOES NOT have to be the same as what you purchased. If you purchase a full set of armor ($350) and only want a second set of shoulders ($35 value), you can do that. If you purchase a helmet ($175) and want set of chest armor ($60 value), you can do that. If you want a helmet ($175 value) with your armor, you can do that! As long as it is only 1 BOGO item that is of equal or lesser value than what you purchase, it qualifies.


Simply purchase the ONE item (or items) you intend to pay for and then send an email with your choice of BOGO item(s). I understand that mistakes can happen, and if they do, we can deal with it. However, it creates a TON of unnecessary and arduous paperwork to sort through to give a refund for the BOGO item. Thank you for your understanding.


  • USA
    • STORE items: 1-2 items: no extra shipping. 3-4 items: $15 shipping. 5-6 items: $20 shipping. 7+ items: $30 shipping
    • HELMETS - $20 per free helmet
    • ARMOR ONLY - $30 per full set
    • COMBOS - $50 per combo

  • ALL INTERNATIONAL - Regular shipping Terms and Conditions apply to the purchased items. Please see below for additional information about shipping charges for BOGO items.


To make it easy on everyone...

1) ALL CUSTOMERS - during this sale, use the PayPal buttons on this site for what you want.

2) After you make your purchase, EMAIL ME with your choice of BOGO item(s). ONLY ONE FREE ITEM OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE PER ITEM PURCHASED!

3) Please also confirm your PayPal address (if different from your correspondence address) and you will get an invoice from PayPal with the total appropriate shipping. Shipping charges will apply as shown above for the USA and APOs.

4) Assembly service is available for helmets, classic knees, and DW thighs as usual. This is a separate service and is not subject to BOGO, meaning if you request one of the items as your BOGO and want that item assembled, the assembly fee will be part of your forthcoming invoice. This is only if you request a BOGO item from the STORE or if you purchase a full armor kit or Combo. If a Deluxe helmet is purchased and you request another Deluxe helmet as your BOGO, there is no additional fee. If you purchase the completed Classic knees and request a second assembled set, there is no additional fee.

These shipping invoices must be paid before your order is sent!

5) Since this is in the middle of my winter break, the office will be opened but in limited capacity. Orders received during this sale time will be processed by Tuesday January 2nd. That is also going to be considered the start date for order production. If you have any questions, feel free to EMAIL ME. Since the office will be open on a limited basis, it may take me a bit before to return any emails, and I appreciate your patience.


Standard processing times of 8 weeks apply and will begin January 2, 2018.


RUSH service will be restarted on January 2nd. At that time, if you wish to put a RUSH on your order, you may do so with RUSH fees applied to all pieces, both regular purchase and BOGO items. The RUSH processing 2 week time will not begin until the day the fee is paid, though. Please CONTACT ME if you wish to purchase a RUSH spot!


FOR ALL INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - Shipping on the purchased item(s) will be calculated as per the Terms and Conditions page of the site as these shipping prices vary depending on where you are and what you get. As a courtesy, TMA covers a certain amount of shipping charges in the purchase of the item(s), so your shipping costs for the purchased items is the difference in price of the TOTAL charge subtracting the shipping allowance per piece. For BOGO items, you will be sent an invoice for the TOTAL SHIPPING CHARGE calculated by the website for your item(s). This is calculated by weight, size, and destination of the package.

For example and to clarify - the total Priority Mail International shipping charge for a full armor and helmet combo going to Australia is $89.45USD (16x16x11 box at 10lbs). After the shipping allowance for the first combo, there is a $45USD difference. The second combo will require the full $89.45USD, making the invoice total $134.45USD for both combos for shipping. Again, this is just an example and the shipping charges vary by location, so your total may be higher or lower.

The ONLY exception is as mentioned above - if you want something small enough that can be added in to a larger order (such as BOGO shoulders with a full armor set), then there may be no extra shipping required for that BOGO item. This will be considered on a per-order basis depending on what the original purchased item(s) is and what BOGO item(s) is being requested.