Below are the Terms and Conditions for all sales here on the TMA site. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your purchase, please feel free to contact me!


Customers making purchases made from this website are considered to be entering a legally binding contract. As such, all purchases made must be done so by those 18 years of age or older. No exceptions. Those under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardina make the purchase for them.



Costuming should always be a fun and enjoyable experience. Creating a costume can be as easy as ripping up a set of clothing and dousing it with fake blood to be a zombie, and can be as elaborate as wearing a full body Master Chief costume from Halo. In every costume, there is a certain level of experience and risk in creation. Razors used to cut clothing can also cut skin. Hot glue used to install a visor in a helmet can cause burns. Paint fumes or the dust from sanding can cause respiratory discomfort. That is why no matter what costume you are making, you always need to exercise caution at every step (gloves, masks, ventilation).

TMA provides the hard armor parts to a variety of costumes. (Some assembly, final trim, and/or shaping may be required to fit your specific frame and size.) They range in materials from Resin and Fiberglass, to Polystyrene thermoplastic, to silicone, to the hybrid resin used for the rotocast helmets. Please see below for more details.

In all cases, the customer is expected to accept a certain amount of risk and responsibility upon themselves to complete the order. If you do not possess the tools or know-how to finish a costume (trimming, sanding, shaping, painting, etc.) please take time to carefully research BEFORE PURCHASING. TMA works closely with painters and other builders to make your costuming experience as enjoyable as possible, so please ask if you are unsure about any aspect of the process.

The goal of TMA is to provide a rewarding costuming experience. With that in mind, customers of TMA will assume all responsibilities for safety in completing their projects.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask!


All amounts are in US DOLLARS. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note: The paypal address where payment sent IS NOT the CONTACT email address! Please read through the FAQ and the CONTACT page before making an inquiry. The PayPal email address is used only to receive payment. No inquiries will be handled from the PayPal address.

Payments made through PayPal are the quickest if done through an established account. eChecks are accepted, but add an additional week to processing. Money orders will be considered, but can add up to two (2) extra weeks of processing. NO INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS PLEASE!

When you place an order, you will receive a confirmation within 48 hours from the coorespondence email address of themandalorianarsenal@gmail.com (excluding weekends, holidays, and vacations). If you do not see a confirmation within the 48 hours or by the end of the business day following the weekend or holiday, please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME to make sure. Again, the PayPal payment email address of whitenoiseenter@yahoo.com is not to be used for correspondence.

In order to protect personal information, TMA will only deal with the person placing the order. I will only send confirmation and correspondence to the email address and person from which payments are received through PayPal and I will only send packages to the address listed on the PayPal order form. If you are using a PayPal account that is not yours or if the destination address is different from what is listed, you MUST let me know BEFORE placing your order if the items are to be shipped to a different address and I MUST have the acknowledgement in writing from the PayPal address owner that they are only the go-between for payment, or giving an explanation that the person placing the order is the same on the PayPal account, just with a different name (such as a married versus maiden name). If you are an international customer and your PayPal name is in your native script, please provide an English translation. Your native script name will be placed on the address label for use by your country's postal service, but an English translation of your name is needed for the US postal service. Again, this is to protect personal information and to match records with purchases made. TMA will not be responsible for any miscommunication between parties, misdirected email, or misplaced packages due to errors in ordering.

Be sure to check out the TMA Time Payment plan!


All products produced from the TMA shop (majority of armor pieces) are made from .125 High Impact Polstyrene (HIPs), .060 HIPs (specific pieces as noted), white hybrid fiberglass resin (rotocast helmets, solid cast parts), and Rondo (hybrid automotive resin and Bondo (red), Bondo Glass or Hair (green), or Bondo Jelly also green)). Other products that are included with some orders can include but are not limited to - nylon web strapping and associated plastic "parachute" buckles, L200 craft foam (varying thicknesses), and acrylic lenses (varying thicknesses and colors). Other materials used can include, but are not limited to, ABS and Sintra (Closed-cell PVC foamboard).


Beginning June 15, 2018, all items produced by TMA are 2-4 weeks minimum. "Small" orders (single items) purchased from the Store Page and Helmets Page run approximately 2 weeks. Armor kits and full combos are 4 weeks minimum. Multiple items purchased at the same time from the Store or Helmets page may take up to 4 weeks total and multiple armor and combo kits can take up to 6 weeks, depending on the total amount purchased. Every attempt will be made to keep this time at a minimum, but please take this into account when placing an order.

This is a standard estimation for a few reasons: 1) There are a few items "ready to go," such as small resin-cast parts, but the majority of what is produced is fabricated after an order is made. The materials used in the production of the order (plastic, resin, etc) is purchased to make it, and barring any unforseen supplier issues, can sometimes take over a week to arrive at the TMA shop when I order that. 2) The resin used for helmets and casting continues to "degas" and harden for a few days after casting. During that time, defects that were not seen when the helmet or part was demolded can form. If it is somethig minor, like a small bubble, that can be easily repaired before shipping, that will be done. But if it is something major, then the helmet or part is condemned and not shipped.

Production times can increase without warning at any time for any reason. I do try my best not to have this happen, however, instances where this may occur can include major convention times, personal unplanned medical reasons (sickness, injury, etc.) or unexpected mechanical breakdowns. If this does happen, a notice will be sent out to all customers affected with an estimation of the length of the delay, along with the reminder that if your order is needed sooner rather than later, every effort will be made to ensure on-time production and delivery as a courtesy to those who ask. One final reason for a production time increase is much needed personal family time. When these times happen, they are generally planned and every effort will be made to advise customers through the HOME PAGE prior to purchase that there will be an increase Thank you for your understanding.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to CONTACT ME. However, please take a moment to look through the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page for answers to the most common questions.


ARMOR - all resin and plastic armor parts will come with basic trimming to remove the majority of production flashing. Some final trimming and shaping for fit will still be required of the customer when the armor is received. This includes trimming off all remaining excess plastic to shape the part as designed or desired.

HELMETS - A) All helmets and associated parts will come with basic trimming, unassembled, and unpainted. Helmet kits will come with an uncut visor sheet (Ram and MST will have pre-cut visors). The Classic helmets will include the magnets for the RF ear cap and a hinge bolt for the RF stalk. B) ONLY THE CLASSIC AND SABINE HELMETS ARE MADE SPECIFICALLY TO HAVE THE RF MOVE! I have seen customers make the Death Watch and Night Owl helmets RF stalks moveable, but I do not send them out that way. It is up to the customer to make this happen.
C) The visors I have used in the past can be found here: https://www.homelectrical.com/9-x-15-12-dark-green-unbound-visor.anc-3442udg.1.html. As of 5/9/2018, they are $3.49USD plus shipping to your location.

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the nature of the casting process, some minor inconsistencies can and may occur in resin products. Every effrort will be made to ensure these inconsistencies are kept to a minimum. These inconsistencies include, but are not limited to, thick and/or thin spots, small bubbles, minor imperfections in the inner layer of the casts, and variations in the thickness of the castings. Even in a climate-controlled shop, a wide range of temperature and humidity variables can make a difference from casting to casting. Some minor inconsistencies that affect the EXTERIOR APPEARANCE (such as 2-part mold seams on helmets) may not be corrected prior to shipping and are usually eliminated during the trim, sanding, assembly, and painting process. This is not, however, a guarantee that every minor inconsistency will be corrected and some may still exist when you receive the helmet or resin parts. Helmets and resin parts with major defects will not be shipped. If a helmet or resin part with more than minor inconsistencies is received, please CONTACT ME to discuss exchange options.

COMBOS - all details from armor and helmets apply.


White Noise Entertainment, Inc. is the full legal business name and parent company under which TMA operates. When an order is placed, an email from PayPal is received at the TMA PayPal address of whitenoiseenter@yahoo.com containing the customer name, address, email, and order information. This information is entered into the TMA ledger and is used to track the order throughout production. When an order is received and logged, an email confirmation is sent from themandalorianarsenal@gmail.com (the correspondence address) to the address attached to the customer's PayPal account. This confirmation, unless otherwise noted here on this site, is typically sent within 24-48 hours of receipt. The PayPal email address is only for WNE/TMA payments and is not to be used for any correspondence. Any and all emails sent to this address concerning TMA business will be ignored. I do apologize for any inconvenience.


DOMESTIC US, APOs, and US Territories Shipping: This is done with Priority Mail from the USPS and this price is included in the cost of the item. This usually takes 2-3 days for transit (domestic) and up to 2 weeks (APO, Territories). This time is not included in the production time.

ALL INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: First Class Post, if possible (under 4lbs/1,8kg and under 12"/30cm width/height/length measurement) is used generally for STORE items. This takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks for transit, is not insured, and does not guarantee tracking to your location. Priority Mail International (2 weeks average, limited insurance, and tracking) is used for everything over 4lbs/1,8kg. PMI and Priority Mail Express International (average 8 calendar days, insurance, and tracking) is available for additional charges if desired. All items will be declared at full value minus shipping charges. Customer is responsible for all import fees and/or customs issues that my arise with the declared value.

All international orders, before you purchase, please contact me first for a shipping quote. PLEASE NOTE: IF AN INTERNATIONAL PURCHASE IS MADE PRIOR TO CONTACTING TMA FOR A SHIPPING QUOTE, an invoice for the appropriate shipping charge will be sent via PayPal to the email associated with the order and must be paid prior to the item being shipped. Any delay in paying this charge will result in a delay of the shipping of the item(s). When the order is ready to ship, notice will be sent for the remittance of the shipping charge. If this charge is not paid within one (1) month of the original order date, the order will be cancelled and funds returned. Further, The Mandalorian Arsenal/White Noise Entertainment, Inc. is not responsible for any issues that arrise with customs, tarrifs, or postal regulations outside the United States. The customer is responsible for all shipping import taxes and duties, fees or charges that may arise. If you are unfamiliar with these charges (if any), please speak to your local postal or customs office for more information prior to purchasing.

TMA is not responsible for lost, stolen, misdirected, or returned mail if the address we receive is incorrect or if the item shipped is deliverd to your local post office and is not picked up. If no insurance is requested, TMA cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss that occurs during shipping or any theft of items after USPS confirmation of delivery. There is a small amount of insurance on Priority Mail packages, but it does not cover the full amount. If damage, loss, or theft does occur, it is up to the customer to file a claim with the USPS whether insurance is purchased or not. If the claim is successful, CONTACT ME so we can discuss replacement costs. You can get a new item if yours is truly damaged beyond repair, lost, or stolen, but it must be paid for by the USPS claim.


When the shipping label for an order has been created, the primary way the customer is notified is through the PayPal site indicating that a label has been created and/or the item has been marked as shipped.Typically, PayPal will notify you that the order has a tracking number(s). For all orders:

1) PayPal will be used as the primary shipping source when available.

2) The USPS.com website will be used if there is more than one package on the same order. The shipping notification feature will be used for each package sent by inputting the email address on file as was received from PayPal.

NOTE #1 It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the proper email address is received for our records. TMA cannot be held responsible for emails returned or not received due to email address error or the server sending messages to the "spam" or "junk" folders.

NOTE #2 It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the proper mailing address is reveived for our records. TMA cannot be held responsible for returned packages or misdirected packages due to an incorrect address received. The address used for shipping will be what is received with each payment from PayPal.


INSURANCE - Full insurance can be added to packages, but only upon request. TMA cannot and will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items as a result of shipping. It is the customer's responsibility to file any insurance claims they feel necessary to recover any losses as a result of shipping. USPS shipping comes with $50 insurance towards the package(s) for Priority Mail as a standard. Any additional insurance placed on a package(s) can sometimes require signature confirmation to receive the item from the USPS, so it is the customer's responsibility to be available to receive the package.

In the event that a package is damaged, lost, or stolen, as stated, it is the customer's responsibility to file a claim with the USPS. Please CONTACT ME to let me know your situation and that you are filing a claim. Upon completion of the claim, email me again so we can proceed with a replacement.

    • a) HELMETS -
      • i) If the helmet is easily repairable and you wish to do the work, I will offer whatever help I can by way of advice and suggestions.
      • ii) If you wish to receive a replacement, you must send back the one you received (TMA will pay for return shipping) and pay for the shipping of the replacement (to be discussed through email). Your new helmet will be sent as soon as possible (exclusions apply).

    • b) ARMOR PIECES - Replacement of armor pieces damaged beyond repair by the USPS can be replaced with cost of materials and shipping (to be discussed through email).

  • 2) LOST/STOLEN GOODS - in the unfortunate event that your items are lost or stolen, replacements can be sent under the following conditions:
    • a) The customer is responsible for filing a claim for whatever insurance is available (standard $50 Priority Mail or full insurance if requested).
    • b) Once you receive your claim from the USPS, CONTACT ME to discuss replacement options.

Insurance is not required, but is advisable in certain conditions. It protects both of us, the seller and the buyer. It's not your fault, either, if the packages are damaged, lost, or stolen, and I will work with you so that you get what you paid for.

RETURNS - As stated below, there are no refunds for purchases made in good faith. If, after you receive the piece(s) you ordered and for some reason you are not happy, you do have options.

a) HELMETS: As stated above, some minor inconsistencies can occur from helmet to helmet and no helmet with major defects will be sent. However, if you feel that you have received a substandard piece, contact me immediately upon receiving your item with pictures of the areas of concern and we will discuss the issue.
  • If it appears to be something that is an easy fix, such as sanding the area(s) in question to make it smooth, that is and will always be the first recommendation. As stated here on this page and elsewhere on the site, the customer assumes full responsibility for finishing the helmet as desired. This includes but is not limited to sanding, filling, trimming, assembly, painting, and installation of the visor. If you do not have the tools, skill, or time to finish the helmet as desired, TMA does have that service available. If you would like to do this, CONTACT ME first to discuss this service.
  • Again, as stated, no helmets with serious defects will be sent out, but I do accept that sometimes errors can slip past my inspection. If you feel that it is a problem beyond a simple fix listed above, you may send the helmet back to me. I will email a shipping label from the USPS.com site at no cost to you for the return prvided you email me first. Outside the USA, please CONTACT ME to discuss options.
  • Upon receipt of the item and after inspection, if the piece cannot be fixed and does indeed need replacing, you will be sent a replacement for free as soon as possible.
  • HOWEVER, if the piece is found to be in good order as is shown and described on this website, it will be returned to the customer for the cost of return shipping.

ARMOR PIECES - As stated, some final trim may be required and no pieces with serious defects will be sent out. However, if you feel that you have received a substandard piece, as with the helmet information, send a picture of the area in question. If it is determined that a substandard piece did slip past my inspection, a new piece will be shipped out at no additional cost to you and you may do what you wish with the original.


a) Contact for issues concerning your order must be received within one (1) week of the receipt of the item. Time is based on a check of the USPS.com tracking number and will begin on the date shown in that information. Requests for returns/exchanges cannot be honored beyond one week from the date of receipt due to not being able to verify conclusively that it is a TMA error.

b) Contact for any issues with orders MUST be done by the person who placed the original order. Third parties are allowed, provided I receive permission from the original purchaser IN WRITING PRIOR TO ANY DISCUSSIONS. Any third party contact not authorized by the original buyer will be ignored. This is for the safety of the financial account of the original buyer. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

c) If you choose to start working on the part to make any fixes you deem necessary (Bondo on a helmet or reshaping a plastic part), I cannot accept that as a return simply because the item has been modified from its received condition and any damages or imperfections cannot be verified as having been the fault of TMA. If you attempt to fix a piece and the part is damaged as a result, TMA recognizes that mistakes can happen and I will help you with tips for repair.

d) If there is nothing wrong with the physical piece and you simply change your mind at any time about wanting it, this is not subject to return for refund and you are free to resell it.

e) If there is a sizing issue, such as with Fem chest plates, and realize you should have purchased a different size, please Email me and we can discuss the situation and work out a convenient replacement plan.

f) If you receive the wrong item or part, a replacement part can be provided. If it is the fault of TMA, the error will be fixed at no additional cost. If it is something large like a helmet, I am also willing to refund the return shipping cost, provided it is returned to me using USPS Priority 2-3 day mail. From experience, I have found that the USPS is generally the cheapest option all around, so the cost of return shipping will be calculated using that site. If a service other than the USPS is used, the refund will only be the cost calculated on the USPS.com site. If it is an error on the part of the customer, please see the "SPECIAL NOTES" at the bottom of the ARMOR and HELMETS pages concerning exchanges.


Typically, all builders - including TMA/WNE - have a no-refund/no-return policy. By making a purchase, you are entering into such an agreement. This is because builders use your funds to purchase the materials needed to craft not only your product but others as well and we can't get a refund from our suppliers. Cancellations sometimes happen, but please keep in mind that there are few valid reasons for asking for a refund. There are those times when a refund may be granted no questions asked...such as if you made a mistake and overpaid, if you ordered the wrong item and there is a price difference, or if there is a computer glitch that accidentally doubles your order. Mistakes happen and I'm more than happy to work with you to correct them. CONTACT ME asap so we can get it resolved.

When you make a "good faith" purchase, as said above, your funds are used to purchase materials to make your items and items for other customers. Due to the custom nature of this industry, we can offer an exchanges, but not refunds on items ordered.

CANCELLATIONS – Sometimes things happen, such as a young child changing their minds 10 times in a 24 hour period or you encounter a financial difficulty. If that happens, and it is less than a week from the date of purchase, a cancellation can and will be considered. I'm a person, too, I have kids and I want them to be happy, and sometimes the money just doesn't add up after I've bought something. So if this is something that needs to be done, I will do what I can to accommodate. But please be aware, cancellation requests after 1 week cannot and will not be granted because your funds are used to secure the production materials.

REFUNDS - As said above, typically all builders have a no refund policy. TMA/WNE does follow such a policy during the production process, simply because your funds are used to secure materials for all orders being processed. If after you receive your order and you are unhappy with it, and if after repeated attempts to make things right you are still unhappy, a refund will be considered. However, please note, if you request a refund instead of a replacement and one is granted, the part(s) must be sent back by way of USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day shipping at your own expense. Your purchase price, minus Shipping costs and a 50% restock fee, will be refunded once the item(s) is received at the TMA shop. Further, any future sales will be refunded immediately as you will be barred from purchasing from TMA. I apologize if seems extreme, however if you made one refund request, there is a high likelyhood that you may make another.

SPECIAL NOTE 1) If in the extremely rare case that a refund is granted after 1 week, the customer will not be allowed to purchase from TMA for a period of one calendar year from the date of the cancellation. Any purchases made during this suspension will be refunded, no questions asked. Please be aware of this before requesting a refund.

SPECIAL NOTE 2) I like to consider myself a reasonable person. I will continue to work with you to come to an amicable solution to the issue, provided you continue to work with me through email to resolve the matter. Should you decide at any time to escalate this to a claim on PayPal: a) prior to receiving your item(s): you will receive the refund of your purchase.
b) after receiving your item(s): you will have 24 hours to reverse the claim or it will be escalate it to a claim on my behalf to recover funds for item(s) received, and you will forfeit your right to any exchanges available.
c) You will be will be barred indefinitely from purchasing from TMA. I apologize if this seems harsh, however I simply do not have time to try and "fight" someone who refuses to be reasonable as well.

SPECIAL NOTE 3) Sometimes things happen that can only be explained as "acts of God" that are unavoidable. Things like a natural disaster (hurricane, flood, fire, tornado, volcanic eruption) will certainly be taken into consideration and TMA will work with you should you need to cancel for these reasons. However, "acts of God" do not include moving to a new home, mechanical issues, or trouble paying your personal bills. I realize this may sound unreasonable, and I apologize for that. However, as said, all purchases are made in "good faith," and by making a purchase, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out here.


When an order is ready to be shipped, the information given to TMA through PayPal (address, email address, etc) is what will be used to secure the shipping label(s) for the package(s) to be sent. If there are any issues - such as an address that comes up as "undeliverable" by the USPS.com site or other issues such as shipping charges owed - several attempts will be made to contact the customer to rectify the situation and solve the issue. Because I want to make sure you get your order, I will make no less than 3 attempts to reach the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the proper email and physical mailing address is listed with PayPal and TMA cannot and will not be held in any way responsible if this information is incorrect. Examples of problems that can arrise that need to be corrected are:
  • 1) The email address for contact is "returned" by mail server as "undeliverable,"
  • 2) The mailing address comes up as "undeliverable" by the USPS.com website,
  • 3) Funds are owed, such as a shipping charge or remainder of an invoice balance,

Should these problems occur, the customer forefits their place in line and the order will be suspended until such time as the customer corrects the issue. The order will be placed in "standby" and will start over with the full production time once the customer has rectified the issue.

PLEASE NOTE: If, after repeated attempts, the customer fails to reply within 90 days of the date of purchase, the customer forefits their purchase and they will not be eligible for a refund. Typically, no order will take longer than 4 weeks, however there are some times of the year where unintended delays (acts of God, personal injury, Convention rush) may happen that make an order go longer. if this happens, the individual orders will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for your understanding.

No commission requests are being considered for the foreseable future. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Custom Commissions are not subject to the 4 week minimum production terms. Commissions, depending on complexity, can take a minimum of 6 months to a year and some times longer. Production times will be discussed and agreed upon before commission commences. Final price will be agreed upon before the commission is secured and payment plan is as follows:
PHASE 1: A minimum down payment of 25% is required to secure the commission.
PHASE 2: Work will not commence until 50% of the total price is received.
PHASE 3: The final 50% of the agreed upon price must be paid before the commission is shipped. No minimum payment is needed or scheduled on this final 50% other than the full amount must be received before the item(s) is/are sent.
Durring the commission production time, regular updates will be sent with pictures or details of the process. These updates may or may be once a week or once per month depending on the amount of work completed.

1) Helmet requests are a minimum of $600 to start and can go up or down from there based on complexity and/or potential future demand and/or sales

2) Full sets of body armor not already available start at $1,000 and can go up or down from there based on complexity and or potential future demand and/or sales.

*PLEASE NOTE* Only one original commission will be accepted and worked on at a time. Because commissions are a first-come-first-serve basis, you have the option of being placed in a queue and will be contacted when the next available slot is open. If a commission is set and a payment arrangement has been agreed upon, any balance due must be received before shipment is made.



TMA offers TIME PAY. Here's the way it works:
  • Only available on total purchases of $150USD or more
  • Open to all customers world-wide
  • For international customers - full value of the purchase will be declared on customs forms. This may affect import, customs, and tariff fees.
  • Contact me with a list of all that you wish to purchase. An invoice will be sent for the total amount and will be set for "partial payments."
  • Take up to a maximum of 8 weeks to pay off your order! No minimum or maximum payment required with each installment.
  • Order processing time will start when 75% of the total cost is paid.
  • Orders will be sent within one week of final payment, or after the 4 week minimum standard processing time from the date of the initial payment, whichever is the later.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Because of the above mentioned "NO REFUND" policy, if at any time you decide to not continue with your time payments, the CANCELLATION POLICY above applies, including the 50% restock fee. Any funds received above this 50% fee will be refunded. Sorry for any inconvenience this may incur.


As of May 1, 2018, RUSH service has been suspended temporarily. Sorry for any inconvenience.


These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time for any reason.

IF A CHANGE IS MADE: All purchased made BEFORE the change will have their orders fulfilled according to the terms and conditions under which they apply. Purchases AFTER the change is made will be subject to the changes made. A good-faith effort will be made to ensure all customers get what they pay for and to make sure they fall under the terms that apply to them. However, sometimes errors can happen. If you feel this applies to you, please CONTACT ME to discuss it. If it is indeed an error on my part, I will do my best to rectify it. If it is a simple misunderstanding on your part, I will help you any way I can to get what you need.