The full Ramikadyc Armor set was approved by the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club for their Late Crusader era on August 6, 2016

Here's a few quick things to keep in mind:

1) The helmet is still available for purchase separately and can be found HERE.

2) Some liberties for real-world application were taken to make this armor set work and several reference images for some parts were used. Most came from the primary image below, while others came from action figures and role-playing games.

3) Based on the decision of the App Team of the MMCC, some of the parts of this set can be used with Modern armor. The specific exceptions are the shins and the chest. If you would like to use any of the other parts of the armor available here as a substitution or addition in your Modern armor set, please check with your local Ruus'alor for verification before making your purchase. Once you do that, get with me by email and we'll work it out. Thanks!

4) On April 7, 2018, it was decided to semi-permanently retire this armor set. The molds are in storage and will be kept there in case of renewed interest, however no regular sales are available at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.


There were four different references used to make this armor.

First, his image was sent to me in 2015 to make the helmet. The upper shoulder plates were also taken from this image.

This next image was sent to me by a customer who wished to have the full body armor done. (image altered to remove lightsaber blade - all rights to original image remain with original artist. Click on the pic below to see the original unaltered artwork)

The third and fourth images used for inspiration were the figure of

Back plate and Thigh reference.

Some final touches are being done on the Gauntlets, so the final product may be a little different from what is show.

And here's the final set as of June 13, 2017: (APPROVED BY THE MMCC ON AUGUST 6, 2016!)

Included with the set are:
Chest, straps (2 pcs not pictured), belly, shoulder upper (2pcs), shoulder lower (2 pcs), Back, Kidneys (4pcs), gauntlets (4pcs), hands (2pcs), Cod, Thighs (2 pcs), knees (2 pcs), shins/calves (4 pcs), boots (2pcs).


The following images are of a test fit on my son, who is 5'8" and roughly 180lbs and medium build.

Torso (with painted helmet example) shown without shoulder straps

Lower body

For those interested in MMCC membership - the helmet was determined to be LATE CRUSADER era and on August 6, 2016, the armor was cleared and approved by the MMCC App team to be the same. Please see the Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club website for more information.