Welcome to the TMA Website!

TMA is here to help meet your costuming needs. Links to all items are in the menu bar above. Most questions are answered within this site, such as shipping times and prices. Please feel free to Contact me if you have any questions not answered here.


Be sure to see the BLOG PAGE for more details!

Also, please take note of 4 things:
1) All orders placed after November 12, 2016 have 2 extra weeks of production ON TOP OF the new time frame of 6-8 weeks. All orders placed from January 3 on are on the regular 6-8 week schedule.

2) And the after-Christmas sale that ended on January 2, 2017 has a separate Terms and Conditions page for those orders. If you placed an order during that time, please go here to see that page.

3) The CLASSIC MANDO helmet is currently unavailable and will not be back until sometime after Celebration Orlando. Look for it to return in May at the soonest.

4) There is now a new pricing structure for items and shipping (international). Please take a note of this when ordering. Please see below for the new shipping charges.

Now, on to a few things before shopping begins...

First and foremost...

TMA has a dedicated Terms and Conditions page. Please check out that page for more details.


Please direct all inquiries to themandalorianarsenal@yahoo.com. The address used for PayPal payments, whitenoiseenter@yahoo.com, is not for inquiries and any messages sent there will be ignored. I apologize for any inconvenience.


There is a standard time frame of 6-8 weeks minimum for the production of all items. Please see the FAQ page and the TIMELINE page for more details.


Customer Expectations

Costuming should always be a fun and enjoyable experience. Creating a costume can be as easy as ripping up a set of clothing and dousing it with fake blood to be a zombie, and can be as elaborate as wearing a full body Master Chief costume from Halo. In every costume, there is a certain level of experience and risk in creation. Razors used to cut clothing can also cut skin. Hot glue used to install a visor in a helmet can cause burns. Paint fumes or the dust from sanding can cause respiratory discomfort. That is why no matter what costume you are making, you always need to exercise caution at every step (gloves, masks, ventilation).

TMA provides the hard armor parts to a variety of costumes. (Some assembly, final trim, and/or shaping may be required to fit your specific frame and size.) They range in materials from Resin and Fiberglass, to Polystyrene plastic, to silicone, to the hybrid resin used for the rotocast helmets. Please see the Terms and Conditions page for more details.

In all cases, the cutomer is expected to accept a certain amount of risk and responsibility upon themselves to complete the order. If you do not possess the tools or know-how to finish a costume (sanding, shaping, painting, etc.) please take time to carefully research BEFORE PURCHASING. TMA works closely with painters and other builders to make your costuming experience as enjoyable as possible, so please ask if you are unsure about any aspect of the process.

The goal of TMA is to provide a rewarding costuming experience. With that in mind, customers of TMA will assume all responsibilities for safety in completing their projects.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask!

TMA Payment Methods

All amounts are in US DOLLARS. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note: The paypal address where payment sent IS NOT the CONTACT email address! Please use themandalorianarsenal@yahoo.com for all inquiries. The paypal email address will be used only to confirm payment has been received. Shipping tracking numbers will be sent from either the USPS.com site (from the email option when a label is purchased) or from themandalorianarsenal@yahoo.com. No inquiries will be handled from the paypal address.

Payments made through paypal are the quickest if done through an established account. eChecks are accepted, but add an additional week to processing. Money orders will be considered, but can add up to two (2) extra weeks of processing. NO INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS PLEASE!

When you place an order, you will receive a confirmation within 48 hours from the PayPal address (excluding weekends, holidays, and vacations). If you do not see a confirmation within the 48 hours or by the end of the business day following the weekend or holiday, please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME to make sure. Again, the whitenoiseenter address is not to be used for correspondence.

In order to protect personal information, I will only send confirmation and correspondence to the email address and person from which payments are received through PayPal and I will only send packages to the address listed on the PayPal order form. If you are using a PayPal account that is not yours or id the destination address is different from what is listed, you MUST let me know BEFORE placing your order if the items are to be shipped to a different address and I MUST have the acknowledgement in writing from the PayPal address owner that they are only the go-between for payment, or giving an explanation that the person placing the order is the same on the PayPal account, just with a different name (such as a married versus maiden name). If you are an international customer and your PayPal name is in your native script, please provide an English translation. Your native script name will be placed on the address label for your country's postal service, but an English translation of your name is needed for the US postal service. Again, this is to protect personal information and to match records with purchases made. TMA will not be responsible for any miscommunication between parties, misdirected email, or misplaced packages due to errors in ordering.

Be sure to check out the TMA Time Payment plan!


AS OF AUGUST 2016 - The commission calender is full and TMA is not accepting any commissions for the foreseable future. However, the info below is provided for reference if/when commissions start again..

1) TMA would be proud to work with you on your custom project. Commission work begins with your initial design and TMA will create a cost outlook from your design for free. Once the outlook is accepted, we require a $50/50% minimum start up (depending on the complexity of the work) non-refundable deposit with the remaining balance due before shipping. Please note, commissions can sometimes take up to 8 weeks or longer to complete. However, communication is key, so should you have any questions about the status of your order, please feel free to email me with questions. Also, you will be notified as often as possible with updates as well as an approximate shipping date. Once the shipping date is set, final payment of the remaining balance will become due. Your item will not ship until final payment is received.

2) Helmet requests are a minimum of $400 to start and can go up from there based on complexity.

3) Full sets of body armor not already available start at $600 and can go up from there based on complexity.

*PLEASE NOTE* Only one original commission will be accepted and worked on at a time. Because commissions are a first-come-first-serve basis, you have the option of being placed in a queue and will be contacted when the next available slot is open. If a commission is set and a payment arrangement has been agreed upon, any balance due must be received before shipment is made.


My primary goal is to provide a base for which customers can use to create their own unique Mandalorian armor (and other items as they are created). Because of that, I do not personally paint anything. However, I do have an associate who can and will be happy to paint things for you.

The person I use most often is Jen Belgin aka Darth Cleavage who would be happy to assist in your custom Mandalorian, and other, painting jobs. If you do want your pieces painted before you receive it, please head over to her site for additional pricing and time frame information before purchasing from me.


All production times for all pieces is 6-8 weeks minimum for all items and can be longer around convention and holiday times. Please see the new TIMELINE page to see when your order will be shipped.

RUSH service (when available) is 2 weeks minimum - not including transit time.

Production time is set at 6-8 weeks minimum to allow all customers and orders to be processed as they are received. This time is an approximate but could take longer in some cases, such as conventions and holidays (nationally and internationally recognized, and personal). Every effort will be made to keep you informed of production delays should they arrise. Also, when placing your order, please double check your address.



Please consult the following chart for any applicable shipping charges:
  • Domestic US (including APO) - Free shipping on all items
  • Canada - free shipping on STORE items totalling over $75USD and all helmets and armor sets
  • Canada - $10USD shipping on orders under $75USD
  • International (EU, AUS, NZ, MEX) - $15USD shipping on all items in the STORE (MAX $40USD for 3 or more STORE items), $30USD shipping on all helmets, $50USD shipping on all armor kits, and $75USD shipping for combos.
  • Other International (outside of EU, AUS, NZ, MEX) - please Email me for a shipping quote
For all shipping that requires this extra charge, please Email me for an invoice.

TMA is not responsible for lost, misdirected, or returned mail if the address we receive is incorrect or if the item shipped is not picked up from your local postal office.

PLEASE NOTE: SHIPPING TIMES ARE NOT PART OF PRODUCTION TIMES! All domestic USA shipping (under 4 pounds and/or under 36" total girth) are shipped Priority Mail and is 2-3 days transit. International is shipped First Class when possible, unless otherwise requested and is, as mentioned above, 2-4 weeks transit depending on location. International above 4 pounds and/or over 36" total girth must use Priority Mail International, hence the extra for shipping, and usually takes 6-10 business days from the shipping date. Priority Mail Express Internationl 3-5 business days (average of 8 calender days) shipping is available at a higher cost. Please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss faster shipping (PMI for under 4 pounds, PMEI, Global Express Guarantee) and associated charges.

SHIPPING NOTIFICATIONS: When the shipping label for an order has been created, there are several ways in which you will be notified of this and be given the tracking number(s) for your order. For all orders:
1) TMA will use the USPS.com shipping notification feature for each package sent by inputting the email address on file as was received from PayPal.
2) PayPal gives me the option of notifying each customer of the status of their order. After postage has been paid and a tracking number(s) is(are) available, each order will be marked as "shipped" and the tracking number(s) input into the appropriate field. For multiple boxes to one address, multiple numbers for packages are listed in the PayPal tracking area when available.


I do admit that there are sometimes errors can slip by me, such as during a convention or holiday rush. Also even in a climate controlled shop, there are adverse conditions that can affect the castings that aren't apparent until after an item has shipped. If this happens, I do have a LIMITED refund/replacement policy. Please see the FAQ page and the Terms and Conditions page for more details.

By submitting your payment to TMA for products and services, you signify that you agree to the above terms.

By proceeding to the Store and placing an order, you agree to all terms and conditions laid out above.




In order to serve everyone equally, RUSH has been temporarily be suspended starting February 20, 2017 until April 30, 2017. This is to account for the Celebration Orlando time frame. RUSH will resume on May 1, 2017.

Here's how it works:
  • RUSH service gives Prioroty Processing of 2 weeks rather than the standard 6. This 2 weeks is a fixed time and cannot be any shorter, so please take this into account when requesting RUSH.
  • RUSH service is available for all items over $50USD
    • Single armor components - $15USD
    • Multiple pieces together (6 pieces maximum - NOT full kits) - $20USD total
    • Helmets OR full armor kits - $30USD
    • Helmet AND full armor combos - $50USD
  • NOTE: A "piece" is classified as the listed offering on the STORE page, such as the full 8pc DW gauntlet set is 1 piece.
  • RUSH is subject to availability. There are certain times of the year when RUSH simply cannot be utilized to get your parts in time for certain events, such as cons or holidays. There will be absolute cutoff dates that will be posted when necessary.
  • FOR DOMESTIC SHIPPING INSIDE THE US - shipping is still done by USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day transit. Overnight shipping is an option, but can sometimes be prohibitive. However, if you absolutely need it one day sooner, I am willing to accommodate provided you are willing to pay the difference in shipping costs. Please EMAIL ME and we can discuss the cost difference.
  • FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - RUSH production time is still 2 weeks minimum and standard First Class postage will be applied to all packages under 4lbs/1.8k. First Class post is 2-4 weeks minimum transit, so please take that into account when requesting rush. Orders that weigh over 4lbs (1.8k) are automatically shipped Priority Mail International. This service is available for orders under the 4lb/1.8k limit but at a higher cost from the USPS. Please EMAIL ME if you would like to discuss these extra charges.
  • As with all packages, full value of the purchase is declared for insurance purposes. This may affrect import fees for international, so please keep that in mind.