As a reminder, all orders placed after October 31, 2017 had 2 EXTRA WEEKS OF PRODUCTION added on to the standard 8 weeks. This was to account for the Christmas and New Years holiday break. If you placed an order between October 31, 2017 and January 2, 2018, your processing time is effectively 10 WEEKS. Please double check your order dates and calculate your production date using this timeframe. If it has not yet been the 10 weeks, rest assured, I am working on all orders as they were received and will get them all out on time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

2017 End of Year Sale Info

If you made a purchase during the 2017 End of Year sale (December 26-January 6), please go HERE for the additional Terms and Conditions associated with that sale.

Welcome to the TMA Website!

TMA is here to help meet your costuming needs. Links to all items are in the menu bar above. The most common questions are answered on the FAQ page and the Terms & Conditions page. Please feel free to Contact me if you have any questions not answered there.

Please take note of two main things:


The standard time frame of 8 weeks minimum for the production of all items is in effect. Please see the FAQ page for more details.



Please see the CONTACT PAGE for the TMA email contact email address. The address used for PayPal payments, whitenoiseenter@yahoo.com, is not for inquiries and any messages sent there will be ignored. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Here's what you will find on the pages of this site!

  • Terms & Conditions - find out all you need to know about ordering from the TMA website.
  • FAQ - Answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • Blog - Find out the latest month-to-month happenings at the TMA shop.
  • Store - individual parts and pieces for your armor set.
  • Armor Kits - full armor sets, including Death Watch, Night Owl, Classic, and Sabine.
  • Helmets - all the helmets TMA currently has for sale.
  • Contact Us - information you need before/if you need to contact TMA about your order.
  • Tutorials - always expanding, these are step-by-step guides to making the TMA kits.
  • Akalenedat Battle Barge - a full-sized recreation of the Mandalorian Transport Skiff from Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Gallery - Customer photos of completed TMA pieces.
  • Ramikadyc Armor - armor and helmet sold exclusively by TMA


Junky the Gonk
Junky - The Gonk Droid

ArJay - The Purple Astromech

BB-UNIT - Coming Soon!

For Eternal Glory
Se Darasuum Kote - A Star Wars Fan Film.